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We offer programs for:

Toddlers : The first steps into an exciting new world for 1 to 2 year olds

Preschoolers: Exciting skill & learning development for ages 3 to 5

School Aged : A positive after school experience for kindergartners through age 12

Our staff of professional Early Childhood Specialists have developed a creative curriculum that incorporates sound educational principles with activities to keep young minds engaged in the learning process while allowing the freedom of self expression. All the classes at Toddlers Haven offer learning centers where children can work individually or in small groups. Teacher-directed activities are balanced by ample time for exploratory play and personal discovery.

Fine motor skills are developed through multiple activities: drawing, cutting, pre-writing activities, typing, finger-plays and lacing. Children's large motor skills are promoted in outdoor play, sports, dance, creative movement and tumbling. We also sing a lot at Toddlers Haven and work with our hands in creative play and craft projects.

Reading and books are an important and enjoyable part of the Toddlers Haven curriculum. Montessori-style reading readiness manipulatives are introduced in the three- and four-year-old classes. Children learn through a variety of games and songs to identify letter sounds and recognize many letter symbols. Many children begin sounding out three-letter phonetic words in our program.

Math concepts are incorporated into activities and lessons, with a focus on hands-on-learning-by-doing. For example, a preschool lesson on corn might incorporate the math skills of counting and concepts of enough, too few, and more, as children count out a piece of corn for each child in the class. Games are played that foster their learning to identify number symbols and quantity.

Please feel free to contact us for more in depth information on our programs and what they can afford your child.

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